Maintenance & Engineering


Cold galvanizing spray - A superior one-package, smooth flowing cold galvanizing compound which gives a zinc rich, long life, protective coating which will protect all iron and steel. Dries to a flexible, non cracking coating that permits bending without chipping, ideal primer for all types of paint.

Damp proof - Moisture repellent compound for general maintenance. Damp proofs and lubricates electrical motors and electrical equipment. Dries wet ignition and improves spark, stops squeaks, penetrates , lubricates and prevents corrosion.

Ease-it - A deep cleaning and penetrating oil for fast release of nuts, bolts, pipe couplings and interlocking parts.

Electro solve - The ideal safety solvent for cleaning and de- greasing electrical components , safe replacement for flammable and toxic solvents.

Siltec - Silicone grease spray for a wide range of use including mould releasing, lubrication in the automotive industry, clothing and furniture. Siltec contains low toxic properties of silicone, making it safe to use in all industries.

Food safe lubricant - Lubricant formulated using FDA listed materials. The ideal lubricant for use on all food handling and processing equipment. Tasteless, odourless, colourless and non toxic.

Multipurpose clear fine oil - A high grade general purpose lubricant that provides accurate and economical application on all types of maintenance and small loaded bearings ETC. The Ideal replacement for the conventional oil - can method.

Chain & cable - The ideal lubricant for increasing chain life it penetrates to the core of labels, wire ropes and chain cables. Special additives help to resist high temperature breakdown. Forces water out of metal pores.

Seize free - Extreme pressure, high temperature mechanical lubricant. Makes tighter joints and easier removal without damage. Copper or aluminium based, Offers maximum resistance to corrosion, high temperatures and ageing.

Van dispel - Used to remove stains and graffiti from non porous surfaces. It safely removes ink, lipstick, crayon and marks of vandalism.

Circuit freeze/chewing gum remover - Rapidly reduces the temperature of electrical components to aid detection of overheating and similar faults. It is also a highly effective chewing gum remover.

Brake & clutch - Fast evaporating solvent for the cleaning of brake linings and clutches.

Heavy duty adhesive - Gives strong adhesion for a wide range of applications. Ideal in furniture, flooring and automotive industries. Especially for bonding foam to a wide range of surfaces. Only for use on non-structural surfaces.

Cutting & tapping oil - A cost effective lubricant which guards against damage to taps and edges, guars against heating and loss of drills.

Easy start - for the rapid starting of all diesel and petrol engines. Contains a burn speed control additive to give extra smooth powerful starting and continuous upper cylinder.

Bulk Products

Engine clean - remove soil, grease and sludge build up from engines and machinery. Can be applied by brush or sprayed and rinsed off with water.

Ultrasonic wash - Water based heavy duty de-greaser, used when an alternative to solvents is required. Removes oil, grease and general dirt from all machinery, storage tanks and plant. Fully biodegradable whilst still giving maximum effect.

Drain blockbuster - A very strong swift chemical designed for unblocking drains. This product creates its own heat when it comes into contact with water. Thus dissolving organic materials.

Drain free - A safer alternative for unblocking drains which can be used on all surfaces without the risk to damage household materials.

Anti-spatter - Prevents welding spatter sticking to ferrous and non ferrous metals. It is silicone free, eliminates the problem of paint adhesion and resistant to water, salts and acid.

De-scale - A highly concentrated acid cleaner recommended for cleaning heavy deposits off concrete, bricks and scale build up.

Creosote - Wood preservative (light or dark).

Oil dry - A granular floor absorbent for oils, grease, solvents and all liquid spillages. Prevents fire and burn hazards and maintains an anti slip properties under heavy traffic.

Hand gel grit - A mild hand cleaning jelly containing lanolin with natural non plastic plastic beads to give extra cleaning power. Contains anti septic properties to prevent dermatitis and other skin complaints.

Other products

Electrical degreaser

Hydraulic oil 32/46

Grease cartridges

Brake & clutch cleaner

Granular salt

Engine oils full range including 15/40, 10/40 fully synthetic long drain euro 5 and 6.

Gear oils 80/90

Antifreeze MEG (Blue) and Long Life (Red)

​MPG Antifreeze low toxicity

Fifth wheel grease

Salt tablets

PVD salts

Copper anti seize

Rock salt

Grease cartridges EP2

Aluminium etch

Atlas T Powder Coating Remover


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