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Avaidable in 5ltr, 25ltr, 210ltr, 1000ltr

Fleet clean - Is highly concentrated traffic film remover ideal for cleaning all types of vehicles. Due to its strength Fleet clean is effective to use and gives your vehicle that 'Back to new' look. Fleetclean is perfect for removing ingrained dirt, grime and grease.

Steam clean - a caustic based concentrated detergent designed for use through all types of steam clean machinery. Used mainly on transport and plants where heavy oil, grease and build up is a problem.

Snowstorm - A new advanced TFR design to give maximum cleaning power due to the foam clinging to the vehicle for longer contact time. This allows the foam to draw the dirt from the surface making it more effective for use through a pressure washer or foaming lance. This product is suitable for all vehicles.

Wash & Wax - A concentrated bio-degradable detergent with carnauba wax that quickly cleans, shines and leaves a protective finish.

Chassis Cleaner - A powerful detergent that is ideal for cleaning oil, grease and any heavy deposits on the undersides of trailers as well as plant equipment.

Det San - concentrated cleaner sanitiser with a higher bacterial kill rate excellent for trailer units and bulk tippers from where food is being transported.

Engine Clean - A powerful solvent degreaser that lifts heavy grease, sludge, dirt, grime and oil from engines, chassis parts and machinery. Can be brushed or sprayed on and rinsed off with water.

Screen wash - Effective for winter and summer use. Clears glass of insects and road film for a crisp clear vision.

Antifreeze - mono ethylene glycol based antifreeze with inhibitors for all year round protection. Conforms to British standards 6580 as well as being suitable for all engine types.

Mono Propylene Glycol - Antifreeze with inhibitors for safer usage with chiller units or where situation demands.

15/40 Engine Oil - mixed fleet mineral oil meeting the requirements of API SG/CF-4 other grades also available please ask for details.

Ad Blue Urea Solution - We supply quality urea solution to many transport companies and pride ourselves on a quick delivery service ensuring you never run out. We supply this in 1000ltr IBC'S, 210ltr and 25ltr drums. We also supply delivery hoses and fittings. Ask for more details.

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