Janitorial & Paper Products

Aluminium stainless steel cleaner - A strong phosphoric based cleaner which can bring back new look on stainless steel machines and equipment.

Anti Bacterial hand wash - Liquid hand soap with conditioners and anti bacterial action.

Bleach - Industrial grade for powerful cleaning effect.

Floor cleaner - Suitable for manual use or floor scrubbing machines.

Ice cool gel- Alcohol gel sanitiser effective against ecoli , MRSA and Listeria for added protection.

Multi clean - A powerful high active hard surface cleaner made to give maximum cleaning power and safety. Effective against dirt, grease, oils and grime and suitable for all industries.

Odour kill - Highly concentrated odour kill for eliminating obnoxious odours in drains and refuse sites or wherever the situation demands. Available in lemon, cherry, bubblegum, pear, mint and floral.

Pine floor gel - Specially formulated to gently clean laminated floors, wood and plastic leaving a pleasant pine fragrance.

San Pine - pine disinfectant suitable for use on floors, walls, drains and toilets leaving a pleasant fragrance.

Sparkle - PH neautral detergent for washing up cookware, cutlery and glassware leaving a sparkling finish.

Some of our other products

Fabric conditioner

Various washing powders

Air freshener

Cream cleaner

Chewing gum remover

Chemical toilet fluid

Laundry liquid

Toilet cleaner

Bin liners

Glass cleaner

Urinal cubes

‚ÄčPaper products

Centrefold paper towels

Blue centre feed rolls

Blue wiper rolls (Various sizes)

Economy toilet rolls

Mini jumbo toilet rolls

Maxi jumbo toilet rolls

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